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Grab Your FREE Ultimate Checklist For Unignorable Websites!

Audit and optimize your website without any code so that you can build the website of your dreams and make sales in less time!

We created this KILLER checklist that holds your hand through the non-negotiable website tasks that will attract visitors, make impressions, build trust, and make sales!

What you’ll get in your FREE Ultimate Checklist For Unignorable Websites:

  • 22 pages of actionable tasks that will help you captivate buyers, seduce their brains, and win lifelong fans.
  • Detailed instructions on how to use the checklist even if you do not have a business strategy, domain name, or website vision yet!
  • Printer-Friendly PDF with a table of contents that can also be used as a summarised checklist.

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Free Tips & Advice

We create weekly videos and articles so that you always know the best ways to execute website strategy, design, and marketing.

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We walk you through idea creation, market research, branding, and website hosting & domain purchases that fit your business goals.

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We design and install beautiful, functional, and professional websites in 72 hours. Just plug in your own text and images!
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Who is behind limelight websites?

Hey there, my name is Ellyssa and I am the main person behind the content of this website...But it takes my entire team and I to run the mission of Limelight Websites!

10 years ago, I started to make websites for people and on this site I will show you how you can establish a stunning online presence EVEN IF you are a low-tech person!