How To Create Viral Social Media Posts In 60 Minutes To Explode Your Growth

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Viral Social Media Posts

Why You Need Viral Social Media Campaigns

Now, let’s be honest…social media has become a VERY crowded place.
Right now, you might feel like you’re putting in way more work without much reward.
In fact, it’s almost always post, post, post…but often zero reward.
It’s so hard to get authentic likes and authentic comments.
So you keep liking your own posts so that the number of likes is in the double digits. You feel helpless. It’s frustrating!
But it’s because you don’t know any other way.
Well, here’s the thing: one good viral post can bring you more followers (ideal followers, just to be clear) than a funny video of your cat knocking things off your counter.
You can go from 3 likes to 350 likes…
Viral Social Media Content
Let me repeat that once more…
One good viral social media post can bring you more ideal followers.
This means that these amazing people will be more likely to engage with you and buy from you. That’s the whole goal of social media, right?
The problem is that most of you reading this article have not cracked the first part of the Social Media Formula – **VIRALITY. **
Because truthfully, there aren’t that many people teaching it. There are a few reasons for this:
  • Most people don’t have “time” to be trained
  • Most people don’t want to create viral posts from scratch
  • Most people just want a done-for-you viral templates solution that saves them time and creative headache
…BUT, most viral influencers keep their virality secrets to themselves
In fact, not only have I tried to make my own viral social media posts from scratch (and failed), but I’ve also searched everywhere for viral social media templates and I couldn’t find anything….UNTIL NOW.
My mentors Katya Varbanova and Jamie Nudelman have created their own viral social media posts, tested them on their own accounts and on client accounts, studied what worked and what didn’t work, failed a lot and succeeded a lot and now, for the first time ever…

The Only Tool You Need To Make Viral Social Media Campaigns

For those of you who are planning your 2020 and have “GROW MY AUDIENCE” as your #1 focus but are frustrated that you don’t know how to get 10x more engagement and growth consistently…

I have a really great downloadable resource bundle full of viral content templates that you can copy paste for LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram…

…and the bundle would set you up for 2020 with content templates and structures specifically tailored to create viral effect and skyrocketing engagement on your social media, while also attracting your ideal clients…

And it was created by one of the top viral marketers online!

I just bought this bundle for myself a few weeks ago and I wanted to share them with you. (I show examples of how I used them in the next section)

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It’s a fabulous bundle of 100 Templates and Swipes for Creating Content that Gets Engagement, Grows Your Audience Predictably & Consistently on Social Media.


It’s all about the latest viral content trends that defeat the social media algorithm, break through the noise and reach your ideal clients.

You get swipes and files so you actually get your content done.

(Keep scrolling and I’ll show you how to make a batch of viral posts in 60 minutes)


The Viral Content Templates and swipes are fully fully customizable with your brand fonts and colors with Canva.

They’re all designed to skyrocket your engagement, help you go viral, grow your audience, wow your followers, be more consistent and save time and overthinking stress about what to create.

They’re currently on pre-sale for $29.99 and price is going up to $99 soon.

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Viral Templates Promo Checkout
You’ll get 100+ of the juiciest, engaging, share-worthy content templates and swipes compatible for Canva in 1:1 square format (50 swipes and 50 fill-in-the-blank templates minimum) – VIRALITY SORTED!
  • educational infographic templates to showcase your credibility.
  • sales and branding templates to show the value of what you do and get clients.
  • carousel templates to defeat the social media algorithm.
  • quotes templates to inspire your audience with.
On top of that, you’ll get:
  • A How-To – Video Tutorial on Using The Templates
  • A BONUS Video Training on How to Plan, Schedule and Auto-Post your content on IG using IG-partner software.
  • A BONUS Video Training on The Psychology Behind What Makes People Share Content on Social Media and How To Make the Most of the Algorithm to Go Viral.
  • A FREE BONUS (worth $99) – 100 Downloadable Beautiful Square-size Social Media Templates by Sky Marcano for your Instagram and Facebook Graphics. Download and use on Photoshop, Canva and more (available immediately).
As of now (February 2020), my link has a promo code attached to the viral templates. Instead of $99 for the entire bundle, you can get it for 70% off at only $29.99!

They’ll always be available but this is an amazing offer that I wanted to share with you because I’m getting tons of value from them myself. 

Here’s the link again:
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How To Create Viral Social Media Posts In 60 Minutes



1. Write out the pains and struggles that your target audience face every single day
Fill in the blank: “What is [ ADJECTIVE – hard, fun, etc. ] about [ NICHE TOPIC – marketing, website design ]?”

2. Write down the steps, elements, differences, and/or similarities of those struggles and how to solve them
Ask yourself: What’s needed to solve those pain points? How exactly can it be done?

3. Use the viral templates to outline social media posts (or even articles and videos).
The templates display what you’ve written as an instantly engaging social media post that has the potential to go viral!

4. Make as many posts as you can in 60 minutes
I’m slow and even I can make about 10 amazing posts in 60 minutes. 
Some of the people I know using these templates create an entire month’s worth of content in 60 minutes!

5. Flaunt those posts on social media with relevant hashtags and captions!

6. Rinse and repeat so that you are CONSISTENT. If you are not consistent, people will not follow you! They will not like your plain and dry profile.


11 FREE Ways To Boost Your Engagement On Social Media

After you post your viral-worthy content, you need engagement so that your name spreads like wildfire! Here’s how to do that…

1. Don’t put external links in your posts. Put them in the comments.
2. Respond to every single comment. More than 3 words is ideal.
3. Tag the commenter when you respond to them.
4. Comment on other people’s posts.
5. Invite everyone who liked your posts on your page to like your actual page.
6. Give people a buzzword to comment (e.g. “comment YES”)
7. Use the Notes app to write and publish articles.
8. If you have a Facebook group you want to grow, link it often to your posts as a reference.
9. Tag your personal profile when you post on your business page.
10. Use Facebook and Instagram Stories

11. Create better content – grab this Viral Content Templates Bundle while it’s on pre-order for $29.99 for viral templates that skyrocket your social media in 2020 –> 

>> Click here to snatch them with my promo code! <<

How To Create Viral Social Media Posts In 60 Minutes To Explode Your

And That’s A Wrap!

Go make your viral social media posts.

Then, in the comments below, let me know how much fun (or frustration) you had!

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