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Audit and optimize your website without any code so that you can build the website of your dreams and make sales in less time!

We created this KILLER checklist that holds your hand through the non-negotiable website tasks that will attract visitors, make impressions, build trust, and make sales!

What you’ll get in your FREE Ultimate Checklist For Unignorable Websites:

  • 22 pages of actionable tasks that will help you captivate buyers, seduce their brains, and win lifelong fans.
  • Detailed instructions on how to use the checklist even if you do not have a business strategy, domain name, or website vision yet!
  • Printer-Friendly PDF with a table of contents that can also be used as a summarised checklist.
What People are Saying
Everything is laid out step by step and I love how I can follow along really easily based on the intention of each step.
Not too vague and not too detailed. Seemed just right for me. Not to mention there are a good amount of gold nuggets sprinkled in there.
Very organized and the colors  are great. Makes it an easy read even with the 20+ pages. I'm excited to work through the tasks!
There's so much in this checklist that it might seem overwhelming, but that's the beauty of it so don't worry. This checklist includes the right things for beginners AND intermediate online business owners to focus on.
It's basically a handbook for polishing the ins and outs of your website so you end up making sales. And that's what I love about it! It's hard to come by freebies like this.
I was surprised to actually get value out of this after already doing business online for 2 years so THANK YOU!